Beautiful People in 2013

from Limbo EP by Zaid Tabani

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Produced by 2deep


Beautiful People in 2012
I see sex in neon lights, and see all fights with girls wearing neon tights, I'll be alright
I might try to be all nice, like we all like, a phenom peon be-gone,
to be all night,
lead on, I'll feel all light, my heads spinning at the sight of peons height,
we all might, sink in the eon's right, I'da be wrong, to think ya'll wanna be no wife,


Dance under the ball, a wine glass in your left hand, alcohol spinnin under parasols,
The nights young, and you ain't done, and the beats rum, in your bloodstream, if you need to drive, no you aint drunk,
you wink twice but you ain't blunk, you'll feel nice till you wake up, but you ain't hung,
over, but that's a ways from wherever you just came from, hit some more for you feel sober,

you playing songs but you ain't older, the words come slower and bass lower, and you shift you weight mo through
ya left shoulder, you dance different with high roller with his weight behind you while his change golden,

The magazine covers have you name on em, Your home town is old story, it's quaint and kinda boring,
the hustle of the city and muscle and the gritty, are just more your kinda glory,

Now it's runways, and sushi bars on the Sundays, and california light dripping through the sun rays,
you're too far away from home that's what some say, the age filtered through the haze and the champaigne

You're big girl, stuck in the big world, it's 2013 motherfuckers wear your nice pearls,
cause you're sexy now, with a twenties gown, any man'd put his pennies down just to take you out,

You made it outside the bubble in the rocket ship, pocketed into another planet and then stopped again,
you're not a little girl, you're an artisan, to partisans, tellin you what lip to tuck and brow to trim,

The crowds move closer to the intimate indifference, find danger while you slip your hand into his,
you take another drink to loosen all the distances until they get a hint of it and start to think you're interesting,

the allure of the sight of the night life, unexplored soar over heights in a bright white,
light make the night seem the type, to rewrite flight, sillohuttes piroutte reflected offa the ice like

colors bleed through ether, flashing over speakers against the sea, needing her to breath through the seizure(or bleachers)
the heat works fever to the eager, who see nothing more than a feeling to decieve her for her features,

you wear your straps lower to your breast line, no you ain't a slut, you just dressed fine,
You aren't pretty, you're provacative, A knockout, the opposite, the sirens(vixens) of an opulant metropolis,

Beautiful in 2013, you only want what the lights wanna see, the nights all bleed
one into the other and another till your life's too fast and then all you wanna do is leave,

he hugs against you but it's not real, a warmth you cannot feel,
again out of bed, it's the same deal, clutching at your head, as dread every next meal,

You roam the streets looking at a routine, a new scene, no, never seems to fool me,
It's the same three nights that'll rule me a cruel three fuels that'll duel and consume me,

All you see is glitter in their glasses, all they look at is your ass and with that tits,
They don't even know your name, it's the same when you entered through the world as the spark of a hot flame,

you are not needle to their arms now, the suck your life from you spirit till you fall down,
and stand up, every single evening, every meeting, till all the sex in a relationships are nothing but a greeting,

You changed from the ways you used to be, your dress is more flesh then we used to see,
your face buried in make-up and jewlery, shining on the flash as you pass like you on a movie screen

Beautiful in 2013, dance till your lungs can't breathe,(speak) (aren't free)
you wish the city would left your smile and you wish you grew up into the girl that you used to be.


from Limbo EP, released August 30, 2013


all rights reserved



Zaid Tabani Irvine, California

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