by Zaid Tabani

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Get Hype.


Stay hungry, I'm bout to put you on blast with a hundred mags of adrenaline filtered into the match,
I'm bout crash through you window and open up every crack of existence just as a symbol to show you to adapt,

and I'm over this act, I ain't playing shit for percentage, I've filtered impressiveness vented into my engine
to bury every new sentence in elevated expressions, so you can either get with my music or I can show you the exit,

so check it,
I'm here to grab your attention, my pen is just an extension, of essence that i possess in invention,
cause my potential is posed in arm of a resurrection, that Ima stick in the air till my shoulder gets disconnected,
All they told me was no, I was not the exception,
I was out of my element, everything I invested, just lacked myself a direction, so I attacked the oppression that told me that I was only statistical imperfection,

This my final exam,
every challengers amateur, this purely advanced,
I'm taking summer, you others and nothing, just say something,
I stay crushing, like thunder Hitting a base jumper, at eight hundred

feet in the air, a nightmare, to anybody who writes scared,
Hi there, I am the doubt in the back your minds,
that you were running outta time to make way for ability in it's prime,

Never let me try, seemingly I was purely a threat
Nobody ever call me fly, I'm on that random security check
on forcing a set, I ain't holding my breath,
and I don't sway on my answers like i'm kanye west,

hip hops like jumping offa the empire state building wrapped in a net
and if they tried to stuff me in a jet i would probably eject,
and hit the ground, crack the concrete with the back of my neck,
Fuck delivery, all of you just lacking the depth,

Where you standing in you panicking like a man wit no arms searching for phantom limbs on a manikin, call you anakin,
Pray to God or whoever you bitch to I send you a bible inscribed wit I'm coming to get you and a picture of Vishnu,

This is your final exam,
Do or die, leave nothing here purely to chance,
no prisoners, so bold listeners who hold prisms of my told vision are rolled spinning on all cylinders like old cinema,
I've been told since the beginning to mold different, and keep myself fresh like I bathe in cold silica,
Just inspire it,
If I ain't on your freshman List, ya'll don't meet my requirements,


released May 24, 2014
Band: Kyle Thornton, Demitrio Albano, Henri Young, Johannes Burger,
Instrumental Sampled live from Allen Stone's "Mama's Gunna Punish You"


all rights reserved



Zaid Tabani Irvine, California

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