It's Alright​(​Feat. Elliott Skinner)

by Zaid Tabani

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My city never loved me they put the ocean above me,
nobody ever dug me or ever thought I was funny,
Every where I was running I never had any money,
and every alley was scummy, through every day it was Sunny,

see I never had a chance to ever notice at the mountains,
I encountered, cause every single moment i floundered,
I spent all of my youth tryna search for a fountain,
that i drowned in, cause every crowd considered me clownish,

and every girl I hung out with, and rebounded
kept me all perpetually grounded,
every new relationship see never amounted
to nothing more than a story just of who I fell out with,

And how you rep your town if every moment they sounded,
never down with, the rhythm to living in now, it's a paradox
kinda lost, high school they were smoking pot,
while i was always searching for a couple other notes to jot,

[Every day I know i tried]
[Tryna tell myself, that it's alright]

They didn't see me as an artist,
I wasn't filling the market, or hitting all my targets, looking through all the marches,
was hardest, cause every winter WAS darkness, so every spring I Restarted all of charges,
I'm still trying to harness

The summer but it got rougher, the more that I tried to harvest,
the garden, was guarded, so the fall always kept the farthest,
from everything that i wanted, so all the Winters were harshest,
but every day I was hungry, cause every year I was starving,

how many can you bring to a show,
i could serenade the crowd with the pitch of my flow,
but no matter how hard I would glowed, I couldn't shine for my coast
Every new song that I wrote was something they wouldn't post,

so call me a joke, say whatever you like,
walk outside for that smoke when I'm approaching a mic,
I live for the fight, blow up, maybe I might,
trying a hype a bringer for bringers, like this is my life,

I couldn't provoke myself to euphoria with a reverie,
all I had was my energy telling me, If I let it be,
written by other people, and never spray to easel,
I'll hate it, I don't rap cause I want it, it's cause I need to,

And nobodies every going to feed you, forget you soon as leave you,
no I don't rap any weed tunes, all I speak is to lead through,
bravery's gotta bleed truth, it's making sense,
I love cali, but to her we're just friends, It's like

[Every day I know i tried]
[Tryna tell myself, that it's alright]

So CALIFORNIA, do you hear me tonight?
Am I the kind of artist you wanna like?
Am I really your type Feels like everything that I write Is a little too imprecise
to something you would bump with or anything you could hype

All my old pals from SoCal want me to switch my whole style
Murder all of my profile, taking all this shit mobile,
Maybe then I'll be famous, man every picture they painted
You either fit in the box that they give you or your a failure

So I left from my coast, leaving everything that I know and the people I knew the most
I flew off to Boston and everything there was awesome, all the songs that nobody'd noticed they thought were dope,
I almost felt like ghost, got lost inside of the city, Boylston to mass, 270 to 150,
Man All of these people get me, everything kept on shifting, It felt like another home but something was still missing like,

Traffic on the 405
Dollar theaters and pretty girls in July,
80 degree weather and in n out on their mind,
Newport, maybe I needed to leave to find

Nothing is ever easy, believe me, I had to see who I was,
Lacking in the love in myself, To keep breathing,
So Cali this is my love song, ima keep on repeating
Ima rep you till the day you see me, I'll be singing like


released June 18, 2014
Lyrics and Performance - Zaid Tabani
Performance(Hook) -Zaid Tabani
Instrumental Production - Andrew Scott
Mixing- Zaid Tabani & Dillon Hulse
Sense of Purpose and Wonderment- California


all rights reserved



Zaid Tabani Irvine, California

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