from Limbo EP by Zaid Tabani

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Produced by Fanatiq


Hip hop is a lost art, people musta lost smarts,
Laymans try to speak hard, but only speak in retard
I don't drop a measure I treasure so I could stay afloat,
Ya'll can fuck an autotune, I can actually hold a note,

I don't need you're votes, pass upon what I have wrote,
they may buy your record, but fuck it, theyll memorize my quotes,
I'm Edgar Allen Poe, murdering Horatio,
the Odyssey is something you never read I know the prose,

If I had the money to throw into every radio,
you'd be broke as fuck, you're exposure is just a ratio,
of 84 thousand each of you pay to get plays fo sho,
You made the Great Depression of rap, congratulations bro,

And I'm supposed to be an underground artist,
like fuck it, I ain't popular cept on the black market,
I could fire on Target, like a hundred to one,
cause you ain't nothing without a punch about the front of a gun, --hack,

I'm the invention, of in-middent inception,
detected inside of a weapon you never fucking collected,
say I copy my style, I smile through all the smallest hits,
while you tattoo you're chest with your definitions of politics,

If I'm humble, I stumble, if I'm ego I fall,
I stop a nation complacent, laced with an Adderoll
That was wack to you, fuck it, yo I'll attack the proof,
postulate conditions, descriptive, in every optic loop,

shoot a fuse out of the music where you could use a muse.
lay the blues into indifference where I can play the cues,
I didn't come here with Louis Vutton and Nike Shoes,
I came enlighten mics, I might as well devour too,

Tell where the art was a marker, from where I started grew,
I drew imbued compilations, enslaved in sharper booth,
I played with harder truths but they seemed to be hard to you,
so I just seem to sink in quarters charging Fiercely into a Sonic Booms,

See while you used to profusely sniff up a pound a glue,
I typed my vice into courier new with a glass of clues,
I found the murder in sonnets that I could play for you,
But I'm just simple pickens to instance who never seems to lose,

Say I may never pass, ENGLISH in my second class,
though I may be Sentinel, of the words that the deceprid ask,
If University gave us a University,
than how does talent play, when college would never work for me,

I may never get past an AA --but what can I say, hey?
Either I go to Dodge college, or I Dodge College,
I'd rather be smaller in my class size than my last wallet,

Talent is measured but rarely ever is centered
on a focal point as dependent as I am questioned in rapid dimensions,
Lessons in rap? What am I? Ass? So glad you would Ask,
Teach Sentinel Zaid? Fuck are You? Boliver Trask?

I'd rather dawn up the mask, crass, that others would thrash at,
cause I could give a fuck if they knew half of my caste past
I don't battle rap, but fuck it I'm a battle axe,
I can put a gash in any wack rapper who can't adapt,

I ain't afraid of the mainstream, they hate me,
and My degree is self constituted, I'm over a Chaeffee
But I'm state the basic asus adjacent to what I call a song,
and if you don't think I'm art, then your defintion of musics wrong,

Tell me move out, how am I sposed to move now,
When you finally hearing me speak out, so speak now,


from Limbo EP, released August 30, 2013


all rights reserved



Zaid Tabani Irvine, California

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