Black And White

from Limbo EP by Zaid Tabani

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Produced by Dillon Hulse


ACID BLIGHT, burn my ground till good men drown and they kill on sight,
And all men with a heart and the might get buried alive inside of every coffin tight,
scream till the dirt can't muffle your silence, maybe they'll find you when the apple bites,

who in fuck said rap was past time, cause every past I've had is the last I've,
Tried to remember like every december is all mine, past new years living in a salt mine,
Try to build something better than competitors, shredded over the enema's sedetive only venemous,
I don't know what the in fuck, I needed to bust, to make a fucking impression and wither into the dust I'm,

No more than a man in the mirror with a concious streak that I can't get rid of,
People who think I should drown inside a sink, are just a little too bleak and little bitter,
I pity the man, with a hundred grand, who lives a life defined as every con man's killer,
YOu never applied, and now you going to die, Knowing that my ink sinks into a better man's picture,

Terrified at reapers kiss, I welcome what the world don't miss,
In a time where cynicism the defines the might of every arcadian titan you can't hit,
Hoping to God that I ain't got nothing to trade off and on, I've drawn, because I don't miss
blood in my fist it drips through my grip like I am ready to kill for whatever I cannot spit,

Angry, hang me, It never easy to step onto a ledge that you can't provoke,
I would rather die than burn into the sky and scuttle into a cloud that is barely smoke,
gasping bare, burning out because I dont know, I don't know What I've gotta go, gotta go
when i'm fresh outta AIR

Black and White,
Nothings left for the man who wandered in blackest night,
frozen blight, trap my legs in the cold of death, and winters ice
Hope for spring when you feel no ring in the breath of life, in the glass of spite,
all you got is the ink to keep yourself warm untill the fire of the storm brings you back to fight,

I don't know what it IS that'd let my embers flare out and my voice ignite,
trust the soul of unseen whole, just to keep me here whenever I lose my light,
when you cannot rise, look to the eyes of the men who could wish you would only die,
and keep it strong, while you stare right back, as you roam to the edge of the cliff and dive,

O Brave New World, thou has changed by the strange you would reign over abd people in't,
The walls of you are stained with cracks of an axe, the eyes of you are withered away and finished,
the screams and cry's, of a thousand blind, and a world that cannot ever bear to witness,
the truth behind the lies of rhyme, that dies behind the mind who enshrined the design of the bussiness,

A coffin carved, for all our souls to rest in the earth, but if not in peace,
as we ask the heavens over the stars, or to whom we speak to for the last release,
to give us something here to look towards, to guide us on a path,
as just as all seems lost to fall in end days, I return at last,





from Limbo EP, released August 30, 2013


all rights reserved



Zaid Tabani Irvine, California

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