Limbo EP

by Zaid Tabani

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BLACK AND WHITE NO ONE SEE'S WHAT THE GREATNESS SEETHES IN THE BLACK OF NIGHT, ACID BLIGHT, burn my ground till good men drown and they kill on sight, And all men with a heart and the might get buried alive inside of every coffin tight, scream till the dirt can't muffle your silence, maybe they'll find you when the apple bites, who in fuck said rap was past time, cause every past I've had is the last I've, Tried to remember like every december is all mine, past new years living in a salt mine, Try to build something better than competitors, shredded over the enema's sedetive only venemous, I don't know what the in fuck, I needed to bust, to make a fucking impression and wither into the dust I'm, No more than a man in the mirror with a concious streak that I can't get rid of, People who think I should drown inside a sink, are just a little too bleak and little bitter, I pity the man, with a hundred grand, who lives a life defined as every con man's killer, YOu never applied, and now you going to die, Knowing that my ink sinks into a better man's picture, Terrified at reapers kiss, I welcome what the world don't miss, In a time where cynicism the defines the might of every arcadian titan you can't hit, Hoping to God that I ain't got nothing to trade off and on, I've drawn, because I don't miss blood in my fist it drips through my grip like I am ready to kill for whatever I cannot spit, Angry, hang me, It never easy to step onto a ledge that you can't provoke, I would rather die than burn into the sky and scuttle into a cloud that is barely smoke, gasping bare, burning out because I dont know, I don't know What I've gotta go, gotta go when i'm fresh outta AIR Black and White, Nothings left for the man who wandered in blackest night, frozen blight, trap my legs in the cold of death, and winters ice Hope for spring when you feel no ring in the breath of life, in the glass of spite, all you got is the ink to keep yourself warm untill the fire of the storm brings you back to fight, I don't know what it IS that'd let my embers flare out and my voice ignite, trust the soul of unseen whole, just to keep me here whenever I lose my light, when you cannot rise, look to the eyes of the men who could wish you would only die, and keep it strong, while you stare right back, as you roam to the edge of the cliff and dive, O Brave New World, thou has changed by the strange you would reign over abd people in't, The walls of you are stained with cracks of an axe, the eyes of you are withered away and finished, the screams and cry's, of a thousand blind, and a world that cannot ever bear to witness, the truth behind the lies of rhyme, that dies behind the mind who enshrined the design of the bussiness, A coffin carved, for all our souls to rest in the earth, but if not in peace, as we ask the heavens over the stars, or to whom we speak to for the last release, to give us something here to look towards, to guide us on a path, as just as all seems lost to fall in end days, I return at last, BLACK AND WHITE BLACK AND WHITE BLACK AND WHITE
Live from the classics, back from the masses, shadow of a titan with the swagger of a maverick, rise from the ashes, Playing wit matches, I ain't got nothing to lose, if nothing this catches, You either the last man playing every note in yo palms, or you the last man jacking every vote in a bomb, I got the world turned over a calm, the weight stuck in arms, to knock a man out over a draw, I ain't lost to the ways the insidious made me, they gave me a strength too heavy to face speed, So I just swing wild every second they gave me, till I hit my stride over five people who faced me, I tower over every competitor I establish, static attacks balance mechanical actions, you are less a fraction, whatever I have ready a dragon, basking in the flash I bring with me [VERSE] Live from the classics, back from the masses, shadow of a titan with the swagger of a maverick, Live and direct, Minds intesect with the rhymes I collide and divide n connect I ain't got nothing to lose, I'm too strong, What you got, something to prove? well move on I been stuck playing this game, for too long, so I'ma speak up till my mic is switched off, [Verse] I'm precidence, presiding over every indefinite, I'm lesson that questions, with every threat that you threaten with, I take rap and dismemberment and fuse em together with, every ounce of a destiny that I recon is evident, I think your temperments menacing, a collectivist ettiqute, I'm an independent defendent at a veterens measurement, You're joke to rap music, I think that it's funny you reckless irreverence, when your time isn't running, I got no mind on money, but all the power it's brung me, Is temporary compared to what I rarely, discover, my inspiration is patience, inside a passionate greatness, that ya'll never could match up, no matter the paper, you motherfuckers'll stammer, in every battle you land in, from atlanta to philly, cali new york, it don't matter cause fighting me is like taking sledge hammer to bruce banner, it's nothing but bluffing you motherfuckers I'm still standing [VERSE] Live from the classics, back from the masses, shadow of a titan with the swagger of a maverick, Live and direct, Minds intesect with the rhymes I collide and divide n connect I ain't got nothing to lose, I'm too strong, What you got prove? well move on I been stuck playing this game too long, so I'ma speak up till my mic is switched off, [VERSE] I'm the change of the antidote, slaughtering your anecdotes, you either narcaleptic with a message or your comatose, I hold the post higher than you hold a close fire to my skill or relevence that you hate and you admire Insanity's overrated, I don't know what to make of the places that re-enable to fables of entertainment, that label, the able-bodied as bodied and segregated against the faces of fraudelent cases who fucking made it, Like, you either follow the filiment of the vigilent, or amputate the ligaments feeding the same instrument, why fake innocence, you can either implement something stronger to fight with or something that's less Insolent, I feel more intricate, distillated and imminent, I'ma feed you the food that'll give you same stimulant, so rise up, You can either pick at bones, while I'm come back claiming my thone, so lets go
Move 02:50
Hip hop is a lost art, people musta lost smarts, Laymans try to speak hard, but only speak in retard I don't drop a measure I treasure so I could stay afloat, Ya'll can fuck an autotune, I can actually hold a note, I don't need you're votes, pass upon what I have wrote, they may buy your record, but fuck it, theyll memorize my quotes, I'm Edgar Allen Poe, murdering Horatio, the Odyssey is something you never read I know the prose, If I had the money to throw into every radio, you'd be broke as fuck, you're exposure is just a ratio, of 84 thousand each of you pay to get plays fo sho, You made the Great Depression of rap, congratulations bro, And I'm supposed to be an underground artist, like fuck it, I ain't popular cept on the black market, I could fire on Target, like a hundred to one, cause you ain't nothing without a punch about the front of a gun, --hack, I'm the invention, of in-middent inception, detected inside of a weapon you never fucking collected, say I copy my style, I smile through all the smallest hits, while you tattoo you're chest with your definitions of politics, If I'm humble, I stumble, if I'm ego I fall, I stop a nation complacent, laced with an Adderoll That was wack to you, fuck it, yo I'll attack the proof, postulate conditions, descriptive, in every optic loop, shoot a fuse out of the music where you could use a muse. lay the blues into indifference where I can play the cues, I didn't come here with Louis Vutton and Nike Shoes, I came enlighten mics, I might as well devour too, Tell where the art was a marker, from where I started grew, I drew imbued compilations, enslaved in sharper booth, I played with harder truths but they seemed to be hard to you, so I just seem to sink in quarters charging Fiercely into a Sonic Booms, See while you used to profusely sniff up a pound a glue, I typed my vice into courier new with a glass of clues, I found the murder in sonnets that I could play for you, But I'm just simple pickens to instance who never seems to lose, Say I may never pass, ENGLISH in my second class, though I may be Sentinel, of the words that the deceprid ask, If University gave us a University, than how does talent play, when college would never work for me, I may never get past an AA --but what can I say, hey? i NEVER BECAME SWAYED OUTTA my age range Either I go to Dodge college, or I Dodge College, I'd rather be smaller in my class size than my last wallet, Talent is measured but rarely ever is centered on a focal point as dependent as I am questioned in rapid dimensions, Lessons in rap? What am I? Ass? So glad you would Ask, Teach Sentinel Zaid? Fuck are You? Boliver Trask? I'd rather dawn up the mask, crass, that others would thrash at, cause I could give a fuck if they knew half of my caste past I don't battle rap, but fuck it I'm a battle axe, I can put a gash in any wack rapper who can't adapt, I ain't afraid of the mainstream, they hate me, and My degree is self constituted, I'm over a Chaeffee But I'm state the basic asus adjacent to what I call a song, and if you don't think I'm art, then your defintion of musics wrong, Tell me move out, how am I sposed to move now, When you finally hearing me speak out, so speak now,
Check karma at the door, first man wantin a metaphor is sticking is head into the floor, you got the whole city behind you in the war, you're kid OD'n on bottles of cephaclore, your the next newborn in a bullet proof store, for chopped up, doccoters, needin you in the ward, fat man eating his skin out of a gourd, while mothers feeding him mashed patatoes into his pores, Maybe writin like this'll get ya bored, maybe it'll get you a record deal and a tour, Maybe Julliard'll call back in the morn, and tell you to fuck off and pick a career in porn, God forbid I had an education to rhyme with, see even when I got this shit together it don't stick, I'd rather watch another citizen kane flick, this one's how the sled tried escaping the flame pit, [chorus] Come on on all ya'll stuck in the background, where do you go when ya characters checked out, do you wander, or decide what to play out, igorance is bliss for the people without doubts, so come on everybody up in rafters, see where do you go when oppurtunity has passed ya, how can you be a bachelor you ain't even mastered, ignorance is bliss, for people who answered, [VERSE 2] I ain't never gonna make it to year three, so be it, hey what, Y'know? maybe they fear me, Maybe I'm overqualified, Maybe it's yearly, maybe I just a saved ton a money plus a couple of years, see? or maybe rejected at the point blank, why the fuck is everyone around me just not frank, all they want is whatevers around in the black bank, reality formality I'm just the last tank, so how much have I drank or attempted to glass shank, how many bitches have I fucked with a few skanks, I'm drawing blanks, maybe that was my fears cranked, maybe my rap application baby was too angst, So lemme thank the academy, first Hank, then all the last suckers who'da stayed till the ship sank, I could name a million who'd forgotten my last rank, shit I could name a million never heard of me, next skank! (Verse 3) I'm all in, Half of the world's jin and I don't drink much so maybe I can't swim, or maybe I can't win, maybe half of the faggots who think that my shit stinks, are lyble to fall in, Clone me off a twin, and tell him to stop in, and never pursue whatever tickled his new whims, watch him make a million eleven in 8 spins, spend it make a hundred three billion, and take rims, Grim is the man who thinks ethic is still in, the stronger heart cometh the pockets'll still win, someone shut-off both of the lights and hit dim, on the last one bright to save me a spot thin, and I don't got a lot o light, left in my stage time, maybe this the last thing I'll record for my time flies, I wish I could smile and say, kid this is alright, But I ain't even happy when I'm rappin this song, why?
Looking for the other side of eden in LA, Last man steppin on the line to the subway, hopin I can find another place that can still pay, another guy tryna find his way through the rough takes, My arms shake rapidly, ya'll ain't having me, mic battles a dead, while lyrics written on candy sheets, spittin to a crowd supportin whoever's gotta eat, I came with bugsy, he's winnin so you ain't swayin me, The obvious probabilities musta done away with beats, cause fuck it, who can freestyle, when you could write another speech, who wants 8 mile, when you pass up a chance to teach, The city ain't the city no more, you only sleep, And there's a million ways to get up in america, with character, but less and less the stories of who master words are passengers, set aside for epilogues and aftewards, I was told that holden caught me in the rye, but fuck salinger, [Chorus] I just can't see where I'm walking, looking by the great escape, I just dont know where they want me, Thinking bout them good old days, verse Yo, class in session at the edge of the senate, your assingment is pick a message with impression and sell it, and it's very easy to sentence, or embelish the lesson, I relish the tension between the peoples strength and defenses, and who says, a bit of my idea cannot sell, and all you gotta pick is shit you gather from most jails, I'm hard enough to knock a man up off of his coat tails, but I can write a ballad better than prisoner one-twelve, and I smell raggedy, pants all baggy while the 90's soaked and they all stop saggin, and they skinny jeaned up, cleaned up with a swag brush, decreased material for bad english and make up, I'd like to ask Lil Wayne why he'd forsake us, or any other rapper who made the dreamers get paycuts, and they don't really say much, I'm still tryna save up, outside of a Target selling fame for a paint brush, [Chorus] I just can't see where I'm walking, looking by the great escape, I just dont know where they want me, Thinking bout them good old days, Verse You on the wrong side of the railroad, payloads coming in for those who never say so, The age old myth of every manakin paid gold, dissolves when resolve for the medium polls low, And my rap style is new, but it's an old sampler, a bold answer, if words couda cured cancer, then I'd answer, with a pen and an old mantra, I'm Agile and impossible to fold backwards, So do your math or get taught how to roll fractions, I show you rappers how to rip a man in close captions I'm self concious but I'll box with, whoever talks shit on anything I revell beautiful as Toxic, rebellious with a lot of moxy, You ain't any less of shitty rapper if you got up and shot me I need to keep quiet, maybe take another rhyme and just deep fry it, or they could freeze dry it, Tell the man with no job that he seems fired I don't know where I'm headed for the last stop, setting up shop, with a speaker and mic propped, singing for people I'm chewing more than I can bite off, And loving every minute of it, so I write on,
How to be competetive, Load me with a sedetive, facing every rap act slacking off incredilous, Talked about it too much, why should I go mention it, and end up banging up against my own orthodox imperitives, See if you on the radio, then all you ares repetetive, but if you underground, you sending mixed messages, Musics gotta cycle that as you play with all the prevelent, eventually looping to a peak you slide forever with, I can't make sense of it, maybe It's a little hard tryna spar with Czars who performance isn't retizent, but definite, who look at me and say "Hey Room, IT's elephant" now a hundred people on the plane want me jettisoned, I'm better than the denizens, that seem to hate my sentiments, but people bandwagon because a hate can give you relevance, I don't see a hater plaguing half of my electorate, But I know they'd call me TERRORIST, before they call me president, [CHORUS] Standing up on a high, I see it all pass me by, As I'm left stuck while I'm rising, I never open the locks, You see that view the top, is bout as far my mind gets, OH no, [Verse] It's hard listening to other rappers tryin to ask how hard they look in mask with their gun held backwards, I'm not a actor, but I'm a fucking master of disguise when my eyes preach like a pastor, or reap the disaster, to outlast whatever the brash refractor woulda deemed as action, you stuck in a glass when, anybody with a strong voice scares you with an elevated passions, cause now you gotta match him, you could ally, but the world flys by like an enemy who backspins, at the last minute with an accent and says "You're dead man", Shoot you in the back an assasin, I'm crashing, realizing I have to, be an asshole if I want anything to bring me closer to the vacuum, that is success, that sucks it outta chest, dressed with big breasts and studio set relax kid, here's some acid, mixed in with asprin to have when the acts around you seem better and you can't win, But I can man-- NO you can't bitch, pay a hundred dollars and let give you some advice, big, Thunder isn't potent, nobody can hold it, and if we woulda bottled it then we'd never have sold it, but we can bottle something like a thunder if you soulless, package you in records now whoever called the cold rich, [Verse] I think Lyrically I'm a battery savagely although radically, powering every cavity brimming amongst me actively, anger and fear masterfully siphoned into the tragedy, gradually called progression against and army of "had-to-be's" I ain't scared of opponents, I'm just scared of the ocean that opposes quotients for trending onto a vengeful motive, If I'da wrote in a motion just to provoke em, they'd barely listen and rip into something worse they proposing, a million to one shot, that when anyone's got when you listen to every tape you ever happen to cop, in which you had a spot, Think you'da better but you own setup is more ripe cherry that you want popped, but the years lost and fear costs more than your peers got, yet they climbing faster in the tree tops, I'm within earshot of a glock that I bought simply so they'd take me seriously if my soul lost, I'm floating in a white space, no bottom to fall to, no where to aspire from, and looking I call you, I'm tired of mixtapes, about time I step out into the ring, with a cypher and blank face, terrified yes, embrace that depth, I think if your weak you could never check death, with scared mans set, Nothing else left, stop writing my woes, and start living em next,
Prime 04:46
I lit the match that sparked the first flame in the age of discovery that braved us change, I forged the fire of my reign on the edge of insanity I can't sustain, And yet I stayed, ready to face whatever the age'd muster it could throw my way, wander over the embers, the centered over the edges, that legends fear with a vengeance, yet they call my name where were you when the minutes were short and every moment you waited was something all too strange, I came from days where the pain woulda kept you spinning and'd made you play I call it a hunger, you call it something the wonder, I bleed into a thunder that you can't explain, I grew up in the age of arcades where the only way you considered is what you made, I fear what fate cannot teach me, I see myself in my rage, I see darkness cloak over the future preying under the ink fading of my page, I stand admist the black fog that clouds every psalm in the frightening wake, tightening it's grip, worried I'm gonna slip, but I keep my pace, and my arms still shake, who is afraid to face death like it's something you can't embrace, Fear time, for what reason am I, the back over and line if I feel it quake, and I still can't break, here is the moment you either make your mark or you could save you grace, fear what death? I ain't scared of nothing, you either fear legacy or you take it's place I see the world in my shadow, I see the future take hold, I stand against the last man a fire in my hands as I speak my soul I can't fold, either I am stronger in the mind and goal or I'm far too bold, there is no gold in the triumph of a roll but a spirit in the fight that can keep me whole, In my prime, I am the strength of every rhyme defined that can keep me live, revived into minds of those ready to find and fight over the climb to reach my height, And I ain't afraid to make whatever the range is left over the grade just to take my start make my mark, and I ain't dead yet, wanna kill me off, better take my heart, I ain't scared of the rest or prepared for test to ensnare what the end couldn't fare, those who would share or would die like the air hadn't lungs here bare are just worse for the wear, I come too far here to fall too long and wither away gone or be thought too wrong, go for broke or die a joke, and Do I look like unphased here like my breaths all gone, naw, cause You ain't gonna break me now, less my legs give out, and I lose my sound, I am the defintion of the quintessential existence and Ima keep the position, unless you murder attrition, or wish it into a victom, till then you then you gonna just listen, cause you ain't changin me different, Cause I gonna back down, There was a time, where arcadias line was greater and more refined, than the home I know, Where the lights and the hype of a night at a golfland tournament could help us grow, and there is something in warriors dream, that never gives us a future that we ever conceive, and to believe in uncertainty is some berieved, cause all time in unkind if you want to proceed, I saw the lights go do burn out in the middle of stage as my hands grew cold, I saw the flashes fade over the masses, fire turned ash and the new grow old, and I hoped as the earth seemed cloak in the shadow of ends of the city broke, that wished my demise, as they closed my eyes, while they laid me down and I whispered -- no, WHO SAID THAT THE LIGHTS STAY GONE, WHEN ARCADIA SCREAMS WHEN THEY TURN ME ON, WHO SAID THE CITY HAD DIED OUT, WHENEVER I CRY OUT AND THEY HEAR MY SONG, I BLEED INK FROM THE EDGE OF MY PALMS, AND TIME FEARS ME AS IT SEEMS SO CALM, you could tell me it's nothing more unsteady, and none of us at the ready and you seem so WRONG, I don't fear time, fate has proven my page as something to stay while the light still shines, I am blueprint defintion of music showered over the proof that you can't unsign, Don't fear the future which people as a clueless illusion like we are all but the last in line, well I'ma keep on rocking the asphalt, with an uppercut and knock out, ONE MORE TIME, I see the world in my shadow, I see the future take hold, I stand against the last man a fire in my hands as I speak my soul I can't fold, either I am stronger in the mind and goal or I'm far too bold, there is no gold in the triumph of a roll but a spirit in the fight that can keep me whole, In my prime, I am the strength of every rhyme defined that can keep me live, revived into minds of those ready to find and fight over the climb to reach my height, And I ain't afraid to make whatever the range is left over the grade just to take my start make my mark, and I ain't dead yet, wanna kill me off, better take my heart, And I keep on moving, keep my aim, till I'm all but dust and my pace keeps drained, but I still remain in the spirit of name that is more game played money or for fame, There power is words that can strike at third with a mic and verb and the hunger of the thirst, to more than stone that they step for the bones, like I never came up like I stayed here alone, with like half of the impact, people who think back, tellin us that after the last laugh, we wouldn't go past that I am odyssey, second star or the prodigy, something you always sought to be, honestly i'm a prophecy, I ain't dead but I outta be, yet I aint ready turn whatever is stuck in me audibly, none you people stoppin me cause ima world Warrior, Life for the fight, I been here 25 years and I'm still damn hype,
[Chorus] Line by line, Moment by moment, All I see in front is what is behind me, Looking out that glass, as it's edging me closer, all my future does is only remind me, Where I'll Go [verse] Where do you come from, What do you see, All I know I just got this spark in me, Tell me I'm over, how it may seem, Living by the sound of every place that I been, all I see is the mic in front of me, Nobody here to fight for none of me, I'd love to be a doctor or a lawyer or tom sawyer selling another marble so they paint that fence for ya, you ever the sun go down on the era you know well, when shops close up, and your records they don't sell, pray tell, get me when they finally find me, still looking through the eyes of a kid from the ninties, I don't, see nothing but whatever tell me, I remember wondering why else nobody helped me, every teacher told me to handle my issues and when hit you I saw principle ask me, "You shoulda told! Why didn't you!" I feel like it's a catch-22 whenever dudes, tell you mark a number in the book that you'll never use, I never thought I would ever be smart, of clever too, To see life as something i can get better through, [Chorus] Line by line, Moment by moment, All I see in front is what is behind me, Looking out that glass, as it's edging me closer, all my future does is only remind me, Where I'll Go [verse] Hip hop gave me a voice, but in the beggining I never thought I gave it a choice, I was too young for clubs, so battling on the internet was better than never feeding this itch that I would seem to get, but I wanted to do more, skippin class for comedy sports but never got in the door, and drama was never kind to me, always they kept reminding me, maybe this isn't your thing, never giving a line to me, finally, I was back into battlin all these rappers who told me I sucked ass at everything I attacked, recording into my computer monitor every track, until finally I got sick of it, soon as I could react, I bought that audiotechnica went against my competitors met em shredded ten of em became a tournament veteren, Never told my high school, no, they'da never respected it, whispering to myself, I'm the IRY champion [Chorus] Line by line, Moment by moment, All I see in front is what is behind me, Looking out that glass, as it's edging me closer, all my future does is only remind me, Where I'll Go [VERSE] I never got to walk for my Diploma, I graduated in the office with a can a grape soda in my hand, So I Got to say goodbye to my friends, It was just summer school, then back to negotiating all of my plans, And when I got in college, suddenly all of it caught up with me, suddenly they were letting me be what I want me to be Joining repertory writing stories musta surely given confidence to never prematurely, just ignore me, or debate my merits, I ain't inherited much, but arrogance sucks, I deserted it until it was dust, I musta tried to brush my shoulders with ink of my brush, cause all I see is patterns on my arm you couldn't touch, I'm writing lyrics on my right hand, stories on my other, and message on my chest saying I ain't scared of nothing, I stand by every harsh sign in me one by one, all It did grow me up some, run by run, [Chorus] Line by line, Moment by moment, All I see in front is what is behind me, Looking out that glass, as it's edging me closer, all my future does is only remind me, Where I'll Go
Beautiful People in 2012 I see sex in neon lights, and see all fights with girls wearing neon tights, I'll be alright I might try to be all nice, like we all like, a phenom peon be-gone, to be all night, lead on, I'll feel all light, my heads spinning at the sight of peons height, we all might, sink in the eon's right, I'da be wrong, to think ya'll wanna be no wife, Nah, Dance under the ball, a wine glass in your left hand, alcohol spinnin under parasols, The nights young, and you ain't done, and the beats rum, in your bloodstream, if you need to drive, no you aint drunk, you wink twice but you ain't blunk, you'll feel nice till you wake up, but you ain't hung, over, but that's a ways from wherever you just came from, hit some more for you feel sober, you playing songs but you ain't older, the words come slower and bass lower, and you shift you weight mo through ya left shoulder, you dance different with high roller with his weight behind you while his change golden, The magazine covers have you name on em, Your home town is old story, it's quaint and kinda boring, the hustle of the city and muscle and the gritty, are just more your kinda glory, Now it's runways, and sushi bars on the Sundays, and california light dripping through the sun rays, you're too far away from home that's what some say, the age filtered through the haze and the champaigne You're big girl, stuck in the big world, it's 2013 motherfuckers wear your nice pearls, cause you're sexy now, with a twenties gown, any man'd put his pennies down just to take you out, You made it outside the bubble in the rocket ship, pocketed into another planet and then stopped again, you're not a little girl, you're an artisan, to partisans, tellin you what lip to tuck and brow to trim, The crowds move closer to the intimate indifference, find danger while you slip your hand into his, you take another drink to loosen all the distances until they get a hint of it and start to think you're interesting, the allure of the sight of the night life, unexplored soar over heights in a bright white, light make the night seem the type, to rewrite flight, sillohuttes piroutte reflected offa the ice like colors bleed through ether, flashing over speakers against the sea, needing her to breath through the seizure(or bleachers) the heat works fever to the eager, who see nothing more than a feeling to decieve her for her features, you wear your straps lower to your breast line, no you ain't a slut, you just dressed fine, You aren't pretty, you're provacative, A knockout, the opposite, the sirens(vixens) of an opulant metropolis, Beautiful in 2013, you only want what the lights wanna see, the nights all bleed one into the other and another till your life's too fast and then all you wanna do is leave, he hugs against you but it's not real, a warmth you cannot feel, again out of bed, it's the same deal, clutching at your head, as dread every next meal, You roam the streets looking at a routine, a new scene, no, never seems to fool me, It's the same three nights that'll rule me a cruel three fuels that'll duel and consume me, All you see is glitter in their glasses, all they look at is your ass and with that tits, They don't even know your name, it's the same when you entered through the world as the spark of a hot flame, you are not needle to their arms now, the suck your life from you spirit till you fall down, and stand up, every single evening, every meeting, till all the sex in a relationships are nothing but a greeting, You changed from the ways you used to be, your dress is more flesh then we used to see, your face buried in make-up and jewlery, shining on the flash as you pass like you on a movie screen Beautiful in 2013, dance till your lungs can't breathe,(speak) (aren't free) you wish the city would left your smile and you wish you grew up into the girl that you used to be.
[verse] I come from the old school version of a bold fool, too fueled into his rhythem so he can rule you, his old duels were a cold seniment before the internet had a measurement that it could choke you, all you had is wits on your side while your pad was at home, and radical prone to pick bones outta the stoned, some picked bones or came to a match stoned, and it showed, your crew was like attack of the clones, Scribble on papyrus during the sacking of rome, Watchin the republic fall where is Ceaser now? The Ides of March were looking at him crooked like he'd bottom out, And that's what happens to your empire to and your crowd, They gon fade out, cause the winter never plays south, I ain't gotta time piece so I pocket out, Clock around life, like I'm looping through a poster child, I'm not as merciful much as am versitile, As sugurgical discernable effort of mass servitude, is serving you, out of a submersible, so much that you vomit water onto daughter at start cursing food, Rap was about rhyming fuck with a pen, Now it's about money, my hunger is starving to death, Why should I stick around, Picking fouls outta bounds, outta mouths, tryna feed a swindler acting proud cause they robbed a house, music now a living doubt nicki minaj sounds like she stole her voice tryna rob a mouse, I'm a moving cloud over the industry you could never crown, but the kings look at me scared like I could a thunder down, I got a talent as old as the last damage that the passive ass maggots want to bag into the water drowned, [CHORUS] I'm still hungry but the world don't love me, They starving and the waters getting dusty, end times in the industry it must be, Walking round handing em a demo like "trust me" And I may maybe state it all roughly, Just me standing on my toes isn't something gotta be a better side to it if I'm lucky Tryna to feed tha famine in the bones of rap music i'm still running, [VERSE] I live in the world, where people gotta pay to perform, and soon as you shell out the money, then you never were born You step on a stage, and suddenly reality's warm, now you down a hundred fifthy by the shiftiest tour, And it's hard for me to record, perfection isn't a force, you reckon with while the seconds are slipping outta ya door, No I don't wanna remorse, when I ain't feeling the core, now I'm kinda feeling bored, I should head outta store, It's a war, my boots are waging it implicitly, the city keeps jipping me and acts keep skipping me, I'm one step forward then I'm two steps back, my skills make up while my cool don't last, twenty four, riding around, looking for encores, off of a show that I never played like they want more, In life, it's either man up and or get lost george, either stand up or go and add you name to the chalk board,
Parker 04:08
An Education 03:29
Optimistic 03:44
Risk 05:51
Epitaph 04:01


The LIMBO EP is my first commercial EP iTunes release thing following my mixtape ("Bury the Body, Bag the Head") released in 2010.

The EP contains music recorded from 2012-2013, with songs like "Live and Direct", "Risk" and "Prime"(featured on the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Soundtrack as well as the "Socal Regionals 2013 Trailer".) A lot of the EP was me stepping back in to just go in and get some shit done. It was just this spontaneous moment in time where I just wanted to write and step in and record whatever I could. I just wanted to make some really good music, and so I found whatever I could to throw right in there.

I'm happy with the result. It's got a lot of hype in it, some really great production by everybody involved, and a lot of passion that I threw in whenever a mic was in front of me. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Hell, the things free...


released August 30, 2013

Executive Producer: Dillon Hulse


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Zaid Tabani Irvine, California

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